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Snapped 3D Pose Guide and General Information

The following guidelines will result in great captures

  • Poses need to be held 2-3 seconds before capture
  • Keep arms and hands close, preferably touching the body
  • Both feet should be on the ground
  • No tall hats
  • Sitting or kneeling captures will be printed at 1/2 height
  • Infants need to be held in arms by parent or guardian
  • subjects shorter than 3 feet in height are best scanned with other individuals
  • Children are counted as an extra person. Infants are included in parents "individual" capture
  • For best results, no more than 2 adults per capture.
  • Items that do not scan well: fingers spread apart, jet black clothing, dark leggings, chairs, purse straps, hats (may be held to chest), long thin objects (canes, poles etc), glasses, headphone cords or any cables, shiny objects (shiny shoes, chrome plated objects etc), mesh objects (lace, tulle), limbs extended away from the body
  • Pets are best captured with their owner and are counted as an additional person.  
  • Pets captured alone are printed at 1/2 size.  Black dogs do not scan well.
  • Figures can not be created from your own photos, you must come in to be scanned
  • Dresses and skirts should be higher than 12 inches off the ground or touching the ground to cover your feet
  • Clothes with patterns scan best
  • 3D figures are expertly retouched by a professional 3D artist prior to Manufacturing
  • Allow 1-2 weeks for Manufacturing and 3-5 days for shipping
  • Express shipping available at an additional charge